About Evansville Belly Dance

Evansville Belly Dance (originally Evansville Danse Orientale Society) was formed in 2004 to promote the art of Middle Eastern, North African, and Central Asian dance in Evansville and the surrounding areas, and to encourage exploration of Middle Eastern music and culture.  
We recognize "Belly Dance" as a cultural expression of many peoples in Middle East, and we offer authentic instruction in both the ethnic/folkloric versions of many Middle Eastern dances, as well as modern Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, and American cabaret/nightclub style belly dance.

We offer both dance classes and group fitness instruction at many area locations, and we offer a full educational program for children and adults, demonstrating the music and dances of the Middle East and North Africa.

Evansville Belly Dance is not affiliated in any way with Burlesque theater or adult-oriented entertainment of any sort. We do not teach or perform in these venues. All of our shows are professional, educational, and 100% Family-Friendly.


Our DANCE classes are not fitness classes -- what we teach is the REAL DEAL: authentic Middle Eastern folkloric and belly dance, as done in the cultures of origin.

Our FITNESS classes are based on the SharQui format. SharQui is a 60 minute, power-packed floor aerobics class that fuses movements from both belly dance and traditional aerobic fitness classes.  Using the add-on method (which includes breakdown and repetition of the movement so that everyone feels successful) we create one long choreography guaranteed to get your  heart pumping and muscles working.  It’s an easy -to-follow format that anyone can do.             Not only will you belly dance but you will gain core strength, speed, isolation and stamina.


        Please email us at info@evansvillebellydance.com for more information on classes or
        for information on booking a dancer.

    Our Teachers and Performers

Amanda Aziyade (Director of Evansville Bellydance) was introduced to Middle Eastern music through her father's collection of old "Hookah Lounge" LPs. As a ballet student, she came across a videotape of American dancer Alexandra King, and curiosity about the art form led her to her first classes in American belly dance. After receiving a bootleg videotape of Egyptian dance legend Sohair Zaki, Amanda began what would be a lifelong love affair with Egyptian dance. Over the years she has traveled the country to study with many of the masters of Egyptian and Oriental dance, including extensive work with her mentor, Suhaila Salimpour. Her primary teachers include David Badyal, Shareen el Safy, Hadia of Canada, and Ranya Renee, with substantial influence from Egyptian superstars Dina and Tito.

Amanda has danced for weddings, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, church socials, and community cultural events. She enjoys performing Classical and Modern Egyptian dance, as well as both Vintage and modern Western-style American belly dance.  She is a group fitness instructor and licensed and certified SharQui belly dance fitness instructor.
Stacey has studied with dance legend Suhaila Salimpour and many others. She has performed for weddings, birthday parties, and community cultural events and is a member of our Zeffa group, performing traditional wedding dances for our Arab and North African clients. Stacey is a fitness instructor and teaches fitness and dance classes in Henderson, KY.


Azraa was a student of Alexia's School of Middle Eastern dance in Knoxville, TN before being invited to dance with American legend Shahira, who performed and taught alongside the great Ibrahim "Bobby" Farrah.  Upon her return to her hometown, Owensboro, KY, in 2009, she opened Bluegrass Bellydance to spread her joy and her art with others in the area. She has danced in numerous cultural events, weddings and private parties, and stage shows. She teaches weekly classes in Owensboro and enjoys performing traditional Egyptian Bellydance as well as folkloric dances from the Middle East.  


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